Should I bring pictures of gowns I like?

Yes, that will give our consultants an idea of what you like. Remember that even though we may not have the exact gown in the picture we will have many similar styles some you may even like better. Let our consultants guide you to find the perfect gown, that is their job, and with the big selection we have we will be able to find you the perfect gown.

Can I take pictures of the dress I like?

We do allow pictures.


Should I make an appointment?

Yes, at Facchianos we do not permit self service bridal. Every bride is helped by a bridal consultant one on one, we do allow walk-ins but appointments take priority. We do have to reserve a room for you to try on. Call 918-461-8697  or go to our website www.facchianos.com to schedule yours.


How is Facchianos different from other stores?

Facchianos understands how brides feel and how exciting this time is. We use our expertise to find the perfect gown for your style and body type. We are a full service store and want to help with everything we can. We have the best alteration person in Oklahoma that can fit your gown exceptionally. Facchianos has 54+ years combined experience in Fashion Design and the Wedding Industry. When you shop here you do not have to check on a thing, we are behind the scenes working at perfecting your wedding. We go over and above for each and every bride, and when you become a Facchianos bride you are like family.


When should I order my gown?

Brides Magazine recommends ordering your gown a year before your wedding. At Facchianos we recommend 9-12 months before so you do not have to rush, this is supposed to be an enjoyable time of your life with no stress. Most of the designer gowns take 5-6 months for delivery, alterations can take between 6-8 weeks for fittings and altering. If you want a formal bridal sitting most photographers want to do that between 1-2 months before, so you have to have alterations completed by then. Most brides do not know all the details and do not always leave the allotted time. We can do weddings quicker if you plan on purchasing off the rack, or if you want to have the gown rushed, then rushing is additional.


What if I lose weight after ordering my gown?

You can lose weight, but we still recommend ordering 9-12 months before. 99% of brides need some sort of alterations and any experienced wedding seamstress will tell you it is easy to take in a gown, and it will look just perfect, even taking it down multiple sizes. We DO NOT recommend ordering a smaller size because there is a lot of stress in wedding planning and trying to fit into a smaller gown will just add to your stress. It is far more expensive to let out a gown or add panels so it is best just to order it in your present size and have alterations if needed.


What do I need to do for alterations?

Alterations are scheduled with our alterations person, off site. You will need to bring your shoes and any undergarments you will need to wear under your gown. If you do not have them you may purchase some of those here, we have bra cups, and crinolines.


When do I need to order my bridesmaids dresses?

Facchianos recommends ordering bridesmaids at least five months prior to your wedding. Bridesmaids do need to be measured professionally and 99% of them will need alterations, manufacturers do not offer custom sizing. Facchianos always takes measurement to determine size in order to minimize alterations.


Do you have wedding coordinating services?

We do, but this is a service exclusively for our Facchianos brides. They are booked out well in advance and it is the single most requested service we have here. Facchianos can deliver your gown or provide a full day coordinating service, which is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is like insurance for your wedding day. You have spent all this time planning for the perfect wedding . Do you want to coordinate the day of, of course not, you want to have fun and enjoy your wedding. When you hire us you do not have to worry or work your wedding, we do. See what a former Miss Oklahoma said about our wedding coordinating on our Testimonials page.


Where Are you Located?

We are conveniently located at 4910 W. Kenosha St. in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. That is on the NE corner of 71st & Garnett on the Tulsa, Broken Arrow Border. We are located next to Merritt's Bakery one half a mile East of Highway 169. We are only 2 hours away from Oklahoma City, Fort Smith Arkansas, and Kansas City.  You will definitely think it is worth the trip.