The Real Cost of a Wedding Dress
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
By facchianos
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When Brides arrive at Facchianos we always ask them as a courtesy, what the budget for their wedding dress is?  Most wedding publications like Brides Magazine say your wedding dress budget should be 10% of the overall budget of the ENTIRE wedding.  So if your wedding is 15,000.00 then 1500.00 for the dress.  The reason being, is because the bride is what everyone is waiting for?  Period!  End of Story!  We love all our handsome grooms but at every wedding the groom is already up at the alter, also waiting....for the Bride.  As soon as the processional starts, everyone stands and looks to the back of the ceremony site waiting for the doors to open, for the BRIDE!!!  Ta-da!!  This one item, the wedding dress, is the smallest percentage of the entire wedding but really has the BIGGEST IMPACT!  So we wonder how do brides come up with the price range for there wedding dresses, before this blog post was written?  We know everyone watches Say Yes to the Dress, we also know the price ranges on those dresses are astronomical.  We know some of these brides have gone to prom, some numerous times, and those dresses are upwards of $400-500.  With that said we have lots of brides coming in for wedding dresses with a 500.00 budget?  That is a tall order to fill.  More so, because it usually has to be full lace??  Lace is expensive!!  Our dresses at our store, which we consider moderately priced, start at 1000.00-2000.00 for a special order.  If it is a custom design it could go as high as $2500.00.  With a majority at the 1300-1500.00 price range.  The only other Wedding dresses for Less are on our ever changing wedding dress sale rack. Sometimes you can find a gem at 500.00 that was once 1200.00 or more.  But those go fast!  All of our dresses are of the best quality, for the price, no matter what your budget may be.  We can help all brides with their wedding dress needs in Tulsa at a reasonable price.  If you want to come see us just book your appointment here or call us at 918-461-8697  


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