Summer Wedding Idea!!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
By Facchianos
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Great Summer Treats


Who doesn't love a nice ice cream on a hot summer day!  Make your wedding fun for adults and kids alike!  You can easily get dry ice and have a popsicle station, or an ice cream station, or even an Italian ice or sno cone station!  You can easily get dry ice, costs about $1.10 per five pound block (most grocery stores carry it, in the Tulsa Area you can find it at Reasors) You put the dry ice blocks in a cooler, then layer with regular ice, and VOILA!  put your other ice cream, ices, or whatever in the cooler and it could stay frozen for hours!  You can rent a ice cream cart, or make your own with wood and put the cooler inside.  There are so many things you could do with this idea, let your imagination run wild!  It is a very inexpensive dessert to serve at your wedding too!  You could even buy ice cream sandwiches in all different flavors. Everyone will love it and remember you had ice cream at your wedding.  

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