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Thursday, June 08, 2017
By facchianos
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You got the wedding dress in Tulsa, at Facchianos!  Yay!  You got the veil, headpiece, jewelry, and belt...

You think you have everything you need for the wedding, Right?.......  Wrong!!!  A new bride does not know what she will encounter the day of the wedding until it is here.  Facchianos has coordinated many a wedding in Tulsa, for 20 years now, so we know all the things you need.  Before the fitting you bought some super cute shoes, Right?  Did you wear them all day long?  Oh no you didn't!  The Big Day is here, and if you wear your super cute heels, they will most likely hurt your feet.  You can't smile pretty if your feet hurt, now can you?  Your feet will thank you if you come get some " I Do" ball of the foot cushions.  Guess What?  They also double as you something blue too!  Woot Woot!!  You need that too, something blue!  You will be able to dance the night away and not have your feet hurt AT ALL!!  What about your feet??  Do you tend to get blisters on your feet with new shoes?  Not if you come and get some Blisstick.  It puts a clear layer on your skin to "sidestep" irritation.  Does your dress irritate your skin and make it blotchy?  Our brides also like to put Blisstick on their skin by the edge of their lace dress where it irritates neck and arms.  We like to call it Magic!  Also if you are having kiddos in the wedding they hate itchy formal wear, use it on them too! Oh and BTW, Pro tip: if you have kids in the wedding, have their favorite candy on hand to get them to walk nicely down the aisle.  Works every single time.  What about your phone?  You carry it 24/7!!  You cannot part with it for your wedding?  WHAT ABOUT WEDDING SELFIES?!?!  Not at the ceremony, but surely you need it at the reception!  Plus you need to change your Facebook status!  Married!!!  No fear, we have the Girly Go Garter that hides nicely under your dress on your leg like a Phone holster, it can also hold your touch up lipstick. BONUS!!!  It's blue too just in case you didn't get the super cute shoes that hurt, LOL.  Is your wedding outside?  If so you will need our Solemates, they go on the heels of your super cute shoes so you don't sink in the grass.  Might want to pick up a few for your bridesmaids too!  Are you wearing a Strapless Wedding Dress from Facchianos?  Or a plunging neckline? Or low back?  Then you definitely need our Boob Glue!  Yes I said it BOOB GLUE!  It is a roll on that will stick any fabric to your body.  Easy to use and comes off with soap and water.  You know that old wedding adage: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a lucky sixpence for your shoe.  We don't have the old or borrowed, but we do have the lucky sixpence because everyone can use a little luck, cant we??  You tuck that in your wedding shoe and Voila!  Luck will be coming your way.  We have lots of other great last minute items at Facchianos, that you didn't even know you need.  Good thing we told you.  Now come see us!

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