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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
By facchianos
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When looking for Tuxedos LOOK no further.  Facchianos has TUXEDOS!!  We have Tuxedos for Sale, and we have Rental Tuxedos in Tulsa!  Who Knew, well we knew and our brides knew?  Well lots of people know, but really not as many as we can help.  We Do have wedding dresses in Tulsa, but we have some great tuxedos too!  Most Brides and Grooms who are looking for tuxedos in Tulsa tell us we have the most styles to pick from, and the BEST PRICED TUXEDOS IN TULSA!  We noticed lots of guys would come in after shopping around and say we had the best priced tuxedos.  We didn't really look into it much, but more and more people whether it was tuxedos for weddings in Tulsa, or tuxedos for Proms in Tulsa it seems that lots of people are being ripped off, fooled, or just plain bamboozled!  We hear all the time that there are some tuxedos stores in Tulsa that give out some type of coupon and then when you arrive to retrieve the coupon, they either don't honor it, or the price is still high.  If you take 40.00 off a 250.00 tuxedos it is still over 200.00.  We don't try to deceive people by deceptive business practices.  We tell you the real price and we are the best priced in town WITHOUT A COUPON! You don't need a coupon to get a tuxedo special in Tulsa.  Just come to Facchianos where all the tuxedos are special!  Our prices range for a basic black budget tuxedo the price is $74.95, with tuxedos all prices, to our designer Michael Kors Tuxedo Ultra Slim Fit is $139.95.  We do not include shoes because some people have their own shoe style.  But shoes are only $26.00, and if you wanted to buy a shoe to keep it is $69.95, as long as your feet have finished growing that could be your lifelong dress shoes, provided you don't wear them every single day.  Can you upgrade from the basics that come with the tux?  Yes you can, and not for very much.  But basically you can get a very nice classic tux for around $100.00 with shoes included.  Where do your find that kind of Deal?  Nowhere but Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire.  So what are you waiting for if you want a Rental tuxedo in Tulsa?  Facchianos is the place, so call us 918-461-8697 

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