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Friday, November 02, 2018
By facchianos
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Did you know we have Rental Tuxedos?

Brides who find out we have Rental tuxedos in Oklahoma are super excited, because we have the BEST priced Tuxedos out of all the stores around!  We also are the only Tuxedo store in Tulsa that has the Ultra Slim fit tuxedos for the latest up to date tuxes for your Groom!  There is never a wait to try on your tuxedo either because we have a late night when you can come in and plenty of dressing rooms.  When you get fitted here they are always a Super close fit!  If you get measured somewhere else and get in by Thursday early afternoon we can always get them fixed, by the wedding day!  We have the perfect style for your groom!  We are the only Tuxedo store that has the most colors to choose from.  We have a Classic Black Michael Kors Tuxedo, or a Navy, Grey, Indigo, Tan, Ivory, and White tuxedo.  We have many styles too.  One to fit any Groom or wedding party.  If you want the Best Rental Tuxedos in Tulsa come see us!  We can make your groom look AWESOME!  #tuxedo #rentals #groom #Tulsa  

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