How to pick a photographer
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Thursday, August 16, 2018
By facchianos
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Brides always ask....  How do I pick a Photographer?  Well the first thing you do if you are a Facchianos Bride is look in your packet we provided at your appointment when you Said Yes To the Dress!  There are many photographers in there and that will be a great start, plus it will save you money, for the ones we have, give us discounts for their services which we pass on to the bride.  Our featured one in this blog post is Epic Photography  We Love pictures, those are the things you have left when the wedding is over.  It also helps you decorate your house.  How many homes do you go in a house and they have nothing on the wall.  Not you!  You will have beautiful wedding pictures.  The way you pick your photographer is the same as any wedding vendor.  Look at their work, check their reviews, see their style.  Does it fit for your wedding?  If you like the pictures and the style of the photographer then it is a fit!  Visit with them, Make sure you like the photographer or if you have a bad rapport with them then move on.  Do not pick someone because they are a great Deal, or a friend, or they just bought a camera !  A great photographer can make you look like a supermodel!  Ask lots of questions, they will understand, they meet with lots of brides. Make sure to tell the photographer what kind of pictures you want, exactly, make a list, ring pictures, family pictures, and so on.  Pictures are important so make a plan for it.    

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