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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
By facchianos
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Do you know how to save money on your wedding?  Get your dress at Facchianos!


Brides at Facchianos save more than any brides who purchase wedding dresses in Tulsa, or at any other Bridal Shop in Oklahoma!

Do you know how?

Premium Vendor Vouchers!

What is that, do you say?  Premium Vendor Vouchers can only be found at Facchianos and are only eligible to Facchianos Brides who buy there wedding dress in Tulsa at our store!!  

Premium Vendor Vouchers are exactly what they say they are!  The amount you save is CRAZY!!  We have the best

(hence the Premium) Vendors , who give us Vouchers (coupons for BIG savings) off of their Premier services!  


You have to think of your wedding as a whole, whether you and your groom are paying for it, or your parents are paying.  Consider your entire budget so you can plan accordingly.  Getting your wedding dress at Facchianos is the first step, once you do that you open yourself to all of our FREE wedding budget ideas. It is like having a wedding planner, who knows how to save in all areas of your wedding! You as a "Facchianos Bride" get our Packet of Premium Vendor Vouchers.  These vendors are the best in Oklahoma, and they serve surrounding states too! YOU get savings for all of them, that you normally wouldn't get as a "Non Facchianos Bride"


So the best thing to do to start..... Is be a Facchianos Bride!  You are losing out   Go to the appointment button on this website and "CLICK IT" to get started!


We have all you need right here, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, tuxedos, mother's dresses, flower girl dresses, ring bearer suits, as well as all the Vendors in Tulsa!!


We love our Brides and will help you "plan your day, in one place" at Facchianos



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