Engaged! Now What?
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Friday, February 15, 2019
By Facchianos
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Now that you are engaged what do you do?  5 Step Plan


#1. Set the Budget!  Then secure the location of the ceremony and reception!  This is the most important first things to do because this sets the date!  You cannot pick anything without the date secured, especially the wedding dress, that will give a timeline to see if you can order a dress in time or have to purchase off the rack!!


#2. Call and set up a wedding dress appointment in Tulsa at Facchianos! 918-461-8697. Appointments are necessary to get, One on one, assistance to guide you to the right dress for your style and figure!  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ORDERING YOUR WEDDING DRESS 9-12 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DAY!  Try on dresses that are in your budget (refer to step #1) so you do not have a bad experience!  The worst thing is trying on a dress just for fun, or just to see what it looks like on that is not in budget because you WILL FALL IN LOVE!  Trying on a dress out of budget is a dream crusher!!  Be honest with your consultant on price and you will have a much better time finding the perfect dress!!


#3. Set up appointments with all other vendors to secure them for your wedding date (that you should have secured, refer again to step #1)


#4. Ask your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to be a part of the wedding, then schedule their appointments at Facchianos to look at bridesmaid dresses!  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ORDERING BRIDESMAID DRESSES 5 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DAY! They must all be ordered together to get the exact color off of the same DYE LOT!  They do not come in custom made, they do need alterations 99.9% of the time.  At this time also pick out the tuxedos to match bridesmaids colors, we are the only Bridal Shop in Tulsa that has Bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos in the same place.  One stop shop!! 


#5.  if you plan in advance you can get all the things you want and have the perfect wedding.  Failing to plan only makes for anxiety and frustration which is the last thing you want when planning this most exciting day! 

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