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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
By Facchianos
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Most people don't know Facchianos is just like all the National Chains who rent and sell suits and tuxedos!  The thing we do better... is we CARE!!  We also have the best prices along with the most styles available for rent and purchase.  If you are getting married and you never dress up or plan to in the future, a rental tuxedo is probably a better choice.  We can do a basic black rental under 200.00 EASY!!  All the chain stores start at 200.  If you are getting married and may need a suit for work or other events, then buying one would be a great option!  We have some suits that start at 199.00 for the suit!  It is really silly to go elsewhere when we will be the best option on either front!  We can help you if you book your appointment here www.facchianos.com and while you are on our website, you can register your wedding party, and send it right to us.  Then try out our build a tux interactive option so you can see the tuxedo with all the colors, vest and bow tie or vest and long tie!  You can see the tuxedo before you wear it.  It is as easy as 1. 2. 3. Let us help you to look your best wether you are renting or buying, Facchianos is the best place in town for rental tuxedos and to purchase suits!  

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