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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
By facchianos
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We at Facchianos have the best brides who send us pictures, here are just a few from the last month!  Some of these girls had their wedding dresses redesigned by our seamstress!  If the dress is not exactly the style you want we can make it that way!  If it is sleeveless and you want sleeves, we can add the sleeves!  If it is in tulle and you want satin we can do that too!  Facchianos is the only store in the Tulsa area that has two designers that can make everything and anything happen!  We are like your real live Fairy Godmother to help your wedding dress dreams come true!  We want you to feel confident and beautiful in your dress so you feel like the most stunning bride in the WORLD!  Come to Facchianos to find the perfect dress for your special day! We are not salespeople we are stylist who will help you navigate the Wedding  dress search like a pro!  Book your appointment NOW at Facchianos 

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